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No meat No fish but with Love

고기나 물고기를 사용하지 않으므로, 기본적으로 전통적인 한국 요리와는 다르는 맛입니다. 네덜란드의 사람들 기호에 맞게 하게 노력하고 있습니다. 전통적인 한국 요리를 기대 하시지 말아 주세요.


Our dishes are 100% vegan. You might feel its taste is a bit strong and different from original Korean/Japanese food. Especially Kimchi might be salty for you but making it salty has some reasons. If you like light taste, our dishes might unfit for you.

What's New

Ad-hoc  opening day change

Thursday, May 30th          Open

Friday , May 31st                Closed

Reservation is highly recommended for eat-in because of few tables here and owner is working alone. It's not possible to take orders beyond the cooking capacity currently.

Please note that in case of no-show over 10 minutes without any contact the reservation will be cancelled.

You can ORDER ONLINE for Takeaway on this website. Also you can call for quick takeaway picking up. 


Thuisbezorgd is available until 9:30 pm (Unfortunately it takes quite long time to be delivered so we recommend you to pick up by yourself)

Our instagram is vegandepatchka currently

We are very sorry that the account 'depatchka' has been hacked unfortunately. We have been trying to get it back for long time but Meta doesn't recognize me as an real owner. Please advise me how to beat the hacker if you know it !?

Please kindly note that we are originally takeaway shop (Self-service & no WC) and few table for eat-in. Owner is working alone mostly and our customer service is not enough. You might not be satisfied with it.

Eat-in, takeaway, call order for picking up, delivery are all equal and cooked in order. You might wait for long even if you don't see customers in the shop. Orders will be stopped in case of overcapacity for cooking.

We appreciate your kind understanding.

We try sustinability

We finished plastic containers' usage. Please bring your bowl for the takeaway of Kimchi ramen/Milky miso soup. We also can lend our shop bowl for neighbour customers. 

New Asian concept

0.0% Vegan cocktails

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